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- Rob Wellendorf, President

At Execso, we focus on creating strategies that align family, wealth, legacy and philanthropy. The results go well beyond the numbers. There is an emotional side to what we do. The confidence we provide brings peace of mind, harmony and balance to the lives of families.

By recognizing the strength and soundness of advice offered by other professionals, we leverage their expertise through coordination and communication. Our process identifies gaps where they exist, and through collaboration with your trusted advisors, we implement a family wealth strategy and work to find the perfect balance between desires, goals and the reality of each unique situation. Once our strategy is put in place, Execso serves as an invaluable partner navigating the waters ahead.

We've positively impacted business owners and their families for decades with our experience, wisdom and proven process. We wish to continue bringing contentment to others and invite you to join us in our mission.